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Executive Chef Siman Tov

Executive Chef Ben Siman Tov discovered his enthusiasm for cooking at a young age while growing up in Israel. His passion for culinary arts led him to pursue and hone his skills in the dynamic world of traditional Israeli cuisine, renowned for its rich diversity and constant evolution. He embarked on his culinary journey as a line cook at the esteemed Herbert Samuel in Tel Aviv, where his talent, creativity, and dedication to the craft were quickly recognized and appreciated.

Siman Tov’s burgeoning culinary career took an exciting turn when he was offered the role of executive chef at the luxurious Gillham Vineyard Hotel in Cyprus. This new position provided him with the platform to explore and incorporate a myriad of Mediterranean flavors and influences into his already impressive culinary repertoire. His time in Cyprus allowed him to further develop his signature style, which seamlessly blends time-honored Israeli traditions with fresh, modern Mediterranean flair.

Siman Tov - Neya Restaurant
Best Restaurant in Miami

The Journey Continues

Now, as the Executive Chef at the acclaimed Neya restaurant in Miami, Siman Tov has the opportunity to showcase his extraordinary culinary talents and passion for Israeli and Mediterranean flavors. Neya’s menu is a testament to Siman Tov’s love for authentic Israeli cuisine, elevated and reimagined with a contemporary Mediterranean touch. Through this unique and memorable dining experience, Chef Ben Siman Tov has succeeded in sharing his love for Israeli and Mediterranean cooking with Miami’s locals & tourists alike, leaving a lasting impact on the city’s vibrant culinary scene.

Neya Goes Kosher 

Siman Tov now delivers a chef driven menu that adheres to strict kosher dietary standards, prepared with the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. From mouthwatering kosher proteins to delightful vegetarian and vegan options, we have something for everyone’s palate.